A. We are providing you with a self contained property offering clean and comfortable accommodation. Each property provided has the facilities to sleep, the means to prepare and cook your own meals and cater for yourselves. We do not provide any meals, only a welcome pack with basic necessities for stays greater than 3 days. Any item needed during your stay e.g. tea, milk, oil, drinking water, etc must be procured from your end during your entire stay. Supermarkets are just 5 minutes walk away.

Please note you are responsible for the washing up of utensils, alternatively you could ask the housekeeper to help for an extra cost. Extra linens/towels are provided for an additional cost.
A. If you damage/dirty/break anything at the villa you have to fix it or pay for it. Please note upon check out we need the villa retuned to us in the same condition it was given to you so we can provide the same service for the next guest. If any item is broken/ damaged the guest has to pay for the item. If any linen/ towels are stained, we request the guest to either clean the stains before checkout or pay us the full price of a new towel.
A. Yes. After you confirm the booking we send you a link to our website which enables you to choose your shopping from a list of everyday essential items. These items will be kept at the villa on your day of arrival. You just have to pay the market price for the items. We do not charge for this service but feel that this service will make the transition easier for you on arrival at the villa. If you require an item that is not on the list just send us an email and we shall look into it. For the other days during your stay you can ask the housekeeper to assist you will shopping and pay the housekeeper directly for the item and service depending on what is requested.
A. No. We provide self catered villas. The kitchen is fully furnished with a kettle, fridge, freezer, and toaster, microwave, cooking range, crockery and cutlery. Please note all villas only have a 4 bunner gas hob, no oven is provided. Please feel free to use the cooking facilities. Alternatively there are several restaurants close by offering cuisines from all over the world.

Please note: No outdoor caterer/catering services will be permitted in any of our villa premises or even to use our kitchen facilities. No utensils or gas cylinders/burners will be permitted in any of our villa premises for outdoor catering.
A. Sorry this is not possible. We have one Sky TV connection in the living room. No alterations can be done to our existing facilities.
A. Every villa has its own electronic safe in which you can enter your own 4 digit code. For additional security some of the electronic safes are located within a cupboard, in which you can put your own lock. We request you to please bring along an extra lock and key of your own to avoid any disappointments. External grounds of the villas are monitored by CCTV cameras.
A. Phase5 has a private Swimming Pool.

Phase 1 & Phase 2 has a shared Swimming Pool between them.

Phase 3 & Phase has a shared Swimming Pool between them.

Phase 6, 8 and 9 does not have a Swimming Pool. Guest’s can have access to a swimming pool at the resort ('Ondas Do Mar Beach Resort') which charges @ INR 250 per person per day.
A. We have a servant’s quarter at phase 3 and phase 5, but these are used by our staff and we do not allow guests there under any circumstances.
A. Phases 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 10 have compounded parking within the villa grounds.
A. Sorry, we do not have a reception area and we do not want to cause inconvenience to our other guests. For this reason we do not except any luggage to be left at the premises outside your rental period. Please make your own arrangement for keeping your luggage before checkin and after check out. If you arrive early or have a late flight, you can spend your time at the neighbouring restaurants or at the beach.
A. We are sorry about any inconvenience caused, unfortunately this is a third party service and we are depending on the government providers e.g. BSNL towards their service. If it’s not working as per your expectation we are sorry we cannot do anything about it. You need to let us know about this from day one so that we do not bill you for this extra service. Please note we cannot guarantee fast speed and uninterrupted service. If you mention about this on the last day we will not be able to give you the internet refund. The WIFI is only accessible in the living/dinning room area of the villa.
A. Once you have confirmed that you would like to proceed with the booking, we send you our bank details. To confirm the booking you must pay 50% of the rental into our bank account and this is strictly non-refundable . The remaining 50% money is payable in cash on arrival. Payment should be done within 12 hours. Thereafter we will open it for other guest to confirm their booking. If for some reason there is a delay, you need to intimate us within those 12 hours.
An INR 10,000 security deposit is taken on arrival but is refundable as long as the villa is returned in the same condition in which it was given.
A. Sorry it’s not possible. Our rental prices are just for the accommodation. Airport Pickup/daily rental can be organised by us with a third party after your booking is confirmed. You will have to pay the rental company directly and not us.
A. 50% of the rental fee is strictly non-refundable. We will not able to refund any money once the booking is confirmed. Please make sure your dates are confirmed before you do the booking with us. If you are staying at the villa and need to leave early, the rental fee is only refundable if we get another booking for the same amount for the same period.
A. C forms are required to be filled by all foreign nationals’ i.e. non Indian nationals. OCI and POI holders are also required to complete C forms. These forms must be submitted on the day of arrival as per the rules set by the Government of Goa. The following information is required to fill out the C forms. If you are able to send the following information prior to arrival is will save a lot of time during check in. Please ensure that you send us the following information to complete the C form online. 1. Copy of Passport
2. Copy of Indian visa
3. Surname
4. First and middle names of passport holder (in full as given in the passport)
5. Sex
6. Date of birth
7. Nationality
8. Address in country where permanently residing
9. City where permanently residing
10. County where permanently residing
11. Passport Number
12. Place of Issue of passport
13. County of Issue of passport
14. Date of issue of passport
15. Date of expiration of passport
16. Visa Number
17. Place of Issue of visa
18. County of Issue of visa
19. Date of issue of visa
20. Date of expiration of visa
21. Type of visa e.g. T or X type
22. Country arrived from
23. City arrived from
24. Place arrived from
25. Date of arrival in India
26. Date of arrival at Villa Calangute
27. Estimated time of arrival at Villa Calangute
28. Intended duration of stay (no. of days)
29. Are you employed in India?
30. Purpose of visit, choose one of the following (Business, Official, Employment, Education,
Conference, Visiting friends/relatives, Medical/health, Religious, Holiday, sports, other. 31. Next destination proceeding to (in India or abroad, please state place, city and country)
A. 0%. We do not offer travel agents commission. If you have a client please redeem your commission from them directly, our prices are set.
A. (The Navhind Times Wednesday, January 1st 2014) : Panjim: The district magistrate, north Goa has ordered that owners/management of all hotels, lodging and boarding, private guest houses, paying guest accommodation of all religious bodies, shall not allow any visitor/guest to check in without providing any government identity proof such as smart card, voter card, driving licence, employment card, ATM card or any other photo identity card issued by the recognized authority and the in-charge of such accommodation shall provide all such information for inspection to the police authority. This order has come into force with effect from December 30 2013 and will to effective for a period of 60 days, that is, up to February 27, 2014, both days inclusive unless withdrawn earlier. Any person contravening this order shall be punishable under section 188 of the Indian penal code. The number of people including children should be mentioned at the time of the booking. Extra guests will strictly not be entertained on arrival within the premises.
A. Sorry it is not possible to give discount as we have compared the prices to other star hotels/guest houses/luxury villas around our area and have given you the best price possible with a lot of additional facilities e.g. own kitchen, complete privacy, spacious rooms, living and dining area. Please try and price match our properties, we are confident that our prices are very reasonable in terms of our service, location, facilities and quality of accommodation provided. The pictures displayed on this website are a true representative of the property you will be staying at. All our properties are well maintained, clean and tidy.

Please note that we are offering luxury not budget accommodation and like to ensure our guests enjoy the comfort associated with luxury accommodation.
NO. It’s not possible. Once the booking is confirmed for 'X' number of people, no reduction in the price will be accepted if the number of individuals decreases. WHY? Firstly we give preference to bookings with a higher number of guests. Secondly, if you book a hotel which is based on double occupancy (like our rooms are) and you cancel the room booking, you would not receive any refund. We follow the same policy.
A. This is strictly not acceptable by us. The number of people including children should be mentioned at the time of the booking . If the number of guests increases after you have confirmed the booking please let us know asap and we can see if we can accommodate you prior to your arrival. Please note we will not exceed the maximum occupancy of the villas.

Extra guest will strictly not be entertained on arrival within the premises. We request you to make alternative arrangement for the extra guest before entering our villa and to avoid disappointment. If we find out that extra individuals are staying at the villa without our knowledge, or your disclosure, your full security deposit will be forfeited without discussion and any differences in rent will have to be paid accordingly.
A. Sorry its not possible. The Wi-Fi internet usage is charged at INR 1000 for 4 days regardless if you are staying 1 night or 7 nights.
A. Yes we do accept Credit Cards or Direct Online Payments via PAYU and PAYPAL. PAYU give you multiple gateways to process your card transaction ex Visa/Mastercard/Diners/Amex credit Cards, All Debit Cards including Maestro, 33+ Net banking options, etc. Payment by credit cards 5% transaction fee applicable.

PAYPAL is a global e-commerce business allowing payments and money transfers to be made through the Internet. You will have to pay in USD and also pay 5% USD transaction fee from your end towards this transaction which will be included in the booking amount.

Alternatively you can do the payment directly to our bank account via Cash/Cheque/Online Transfer from any location in India or abroad.
A. Pending Payment and Security Deposit must be handed over to the manager in Cash on arrival during registration. Please note the management has right to refuse admission inside the villa if you do not comply with the rules which were mentioned to you via email before doing the booking. If you prefer not to carry a lot of Cash with you, then the full rental must be transferred and received prior to your arrival. Please note we will not accept cheque/ credit cards / bank transfer on arrival in case the money does not clear before check out. The security deposit can't be transferred; this must only be in Cash and handed to us on arrival.
A. NOT possible. We are looking for guests who are serious about their booking with us as we are very serious about our business. We do not want to miss out on potential clients who are willing to pay 50% payment towards the service we provide. We will only accept 50% to confirm the booking which is non-refundable, so please ensure you are 100% sure before making your booking.
A. Yes this is possible; this is Villa Calangute's official website. We recommend that you book directly with us as we know more about our villa than any agent and we offer you net rates. If you have paid more than the price mentioned on this website, then this is because the travel agents and affiliated website charge extra 15-25% commission. We only receive the amount displayed on our website, the rest of the money they keep towards the service they have provided for you.

We are not responsible for any commission or omission done while booking via affiliated websites or travel agents. We have always requested them to display all the information regarding the booking. If they have not informed you about our services/terms & conditions then we are not responsible for their mistakes.
A. YES. This price is exclusive of GST. Note: w.e.f. 1st July, 2017 you will be charged 18% tax
A. Yes. We can change the linens/towels everyday for an additional cost. Please send us an email for a quote at least a month before your arrival.
A. Please note that we are providing a self-catered facility. We do not provide a cook and cannot get one either for only a few days in Goa. During a pilot run we had employed a cook but there were mixed reviews from guests and in turns reflected on our service. Currently you can get your own cook along with you but they will be considered as an extra individual and charge accordingly.

Our housekeepers can cook for you for an additional cost. They are not professionals but can make most basic dishes. Please note that we do not get involved with this third party service as every individual has their own taste and preferences for food. If you are interested in this service we are happy for you to speak to our housekeepers prior to arrival.
A. Yes they can for an extra cost. But you will have to discuss with them directly and we do not get involved. If you want to confirm the same please ask us to give you their phone number before you confirm your booking with us so you do not have any disappointments.
A. Housekeeping is done daily between 2-5pm which consists of through cleaning of the whole villa. Bed linen and towels are provided and changed twice a week.
A. Only phase 5 has a water filter. Well water & Government water is stored in the overhead tanks; therefore we do not recommend that you drink this water. We recommend that you only drink bottled water which we can keep ready for you at the villa before you arrive via our online shopping system.
A. We are sorry to hear about it.

Please note: These are third party services which you have to communicate with the concerned person directly. We do not get involved with the third party services and not responsible for any errors/commission done by them. You have to resolve your problems with them directly for the service they offered you.
A. 80% of hotels and guest houses have a standard check in time at 12pm and check out at 10am. We also strictly follow the same rule. By deviating from these timings, we are blocking a potential booking for the next/ previous day which can affect our business. We want all transitions of checkins/ checkouts to be smooth so please accept this timing before you confirm the booking.

If you want a very early morning checkin and late evening checkout you will have to pay full nights price for the next/previous day. Please understand from our business point of view.

An extra cost of INR 5,000 per hour is applicable for checkouts not done by 10am. This is to ensure that the next guests are not kept waiting at the gate while you have exceed your time limit of checkout. We are very strict on this as we have made it clear to you from day one.
A. As mentioned in our first email communication or on our website or over the phone, Check in/ Check out after 6pm and before 9am will attract an unsociable hours surcharge of INR 1,000 per request. You must inform our office or via email 24 hours in advance about your correct checkout time. The respective villa housekeeper & Supervisor will be called at the premises to check full inventory at the villa during your checkout. If anything is missing or damaged, one has to pay for it. At the 11th hour or for short notice we will not able to provide you a quick service as our team/staff would not be available.

If you do not give us sufficient time, your security deposit will not be returned on that day but will be refunded within 12 hour to your bank account you provide, after we check the full villa inventory and everything at the villa should be in the same condition it was given.
A. YES, you will have exclusive use of the villa. Excess rooms will be locked. We do not give the premises to more than one party at a time to ensure maximum privacy.

Example: If you are staying in Phase 5, a 7BHK villa and your group consists of 10 people. You will pay our minimum entry level price and only 5 A/C bedrooms will be provide and the other three bedrooms will be kept locked and will not be given to anyone during your stay.

If you want an extra room, you will have to pay the extra cost as mentioned on our website.
A. Please take good care of the set of Keys given to you on arrival. If the keys are lost a INR 7,500 charge is applicable. We need to change the door lock, Pad lock, cupboard lock and also get a carpenter to do the job. This is done to ensure the property is secure for our next guest staying at our villa. Alternatively you can do the same. The keys must be given to the Manager during checkout. Your security deposit is only given to you once you step out of the villa and returned the keys to the Manager.
A. As we only rent to one group of people at a time, we only provide one set of keys. This also decreases the probability of losing the keys and increases security.
A. Each villa has a maximum occupancy which is clearly mentioned on the website. We can’t exceed this maximum occupancy even if you are willing to adjust as it affects our service.
A. Yes in Phase 6, 7, 8, and 9 we allow pets in the villa as long as the villa is returned in the same condition it was given and we are notified at the time of booking. Any damages caused will have to be paid for. I am sure your pet will enjoy our spacious garden to run around in.

Phase 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10 we strictly do not accept any pets.
A. Once the manager confirms everything is in order and in the same condition it was given to you, he will return your money upon check out once you are outside the villa. Once the security deposit is given to you, please note you will not be allowed to enter the premises.
A. Strictly depends on the request: If the lighting person comes with their own generator that is accepted. The decorator cannot drill/hammer nails to the wall. It must be done using a tape or by tying, which will not leave any marks. If any damages are done to the wall we will charge you full price towards fixing + one full day's rent + service charges + our time spent repairing it.
A. No. All our villas are strictly non-smoking villas. There are smoke detectors/alarms at the top of every room which is difficult to put off once it’s triggered. We request you not to smoke in the villa as it will take one hour to put off the loud buzzing sound of the alarm once it goes ON. We have large galleries/garden space where you can enjoy smoking your lungs to glory.

Please note: If we find you smoking in the villa, we may ask you to leave the premises in one hour and security deposit will be forfeited without discussion.
A. No. Loud music in any of our villas is strictly not permitted. If you play loud music which is disturbing the neighbours, they have the rights to call the police who will confiscate the music, fine you and also imprison you.

Please note: In such a scenario please do not call us and we shall not interfere for your mistakes.
A. (The Navhind Times Thursday, January 23rd 2014) : Panjim: Mumbai: Currency notes issued before 2005 will be completely withdrawn from circulation by the end of the current financial year ending Mar. 31. the Reserve Bank of India said Wednesday. The central bank said from April 1, 2014, public would be required to approach banks for exchanging this notes until further communication to banks. The central bank stated that public can easily identify the notes to be withdrawn as those issued before 2005 do not have the year of printing on their reverse side. The Reserve bank also clarified that the notes issued before 2005 will continue to be legal tender. This would mean that banks are required to exchange the notes for their customers as well as for non-customers from July 1, 2014, however to exchange more than 10 notes of Rs.500 and Rs. 1000 will have to furnish proof of identity and residence to the bank branch in which she/he wants to exchange the notes. “The reserve bank has appealed to the public not to panic. They are requested to actively cooperate in the withdrawal process.”
A. This is strictly not acceptable by us. The number of people including children should be mentioned at the time of the booking. Extra guest will strictly not be entertained on arrival within the premises. We request you to make alternative arrangement for the extra guest before entering our villa and to avoid disappointment. Your full security deposit will be forfeited without discussion.
A. Sorry it is not possible. We have a standard principle that we follow and we would like all our guests to have a wonderful experience at our villas. Please note that we are offering luxury not budgeted accommodation and like to ensure our guests enjoy the comfort associated with luxury accommodation.
A. Villa Calangute Phase 1, 2 & 5 are next door to each other and 2 minutes walking distance or 200 meters away from the beach. Villa Calangute Phase 8, 9 and 10 are 10 minutes walking distance to the Beach. Villa Calangute Phase 3 and 4 are next door to each other and 10 minutes walking distance or 600mtrs away from the beach. Phase 6 is close to Phase 3, Phase 4 and Phase 10. Phase 1, 2 & 5 is 8 minutes walk from Phase 3, 4 and 10. Phase 7 is close to Candolim Beach.
A. All these facilities are within 5 minutes walking distance or 400mtrs from the villas.
A. Sometime due to maintenance there is a power shut down in the village for few minutes and is not frequent. We have an inverter (battery powered system) for 4 hours where only the lights & fans in all rooms will be operational. The A/C, washing machines, etc will not function during a power failure.
A. 80% of most 3-5 star hotels never give discount and their prices are much higher than ours when you compare it with the total number of adults staying under one roof with all the facilities provided.
Hotel or Villa in Goa?

Holiday makers are looking for different and flexible holidays. Peace, quiet and relaxation are priceless commodities, especially on your holidays. When you want to completely relax and get far away from the crowds there’s really only one choice a private holiday villa. With no noisy neighbours, holiday reps or room service to contend with, relaxation is total and your options unlimited. In comparison, the all-inclusive resorts are noisy and impersonal. Hotels are very limiting and crowded. Holiday villas on the other hand offer flexibility, a better lifestyle, value for money and more enjoyable holidays.

Imagine a family of four, two adults and two children, staying together in a hotel room. Two double beds with little room between them, a small balcony and just one bathroom. Sounds like a relaxing holiday?Now imagine the same family staying in a villa with a private pool, with two, three or four bedrooms, a full kitchen, separate private bathrooms, large living areas, balconies and terraces. It’s a home from home with all the comforts you’d expect – and all the elements for a relaxing holiday.

The increasing popularity of low cost airlines has enabled flights to become cheaper than ever, making holiday villa rentals a popular and practical alternative to package holidays. Below are some of the advantages of renting a holiday villa with a private swimming pool:

Top reasons to rent a holiday villa rather than stay in a hotel room

  • A holiday villa is much larger than a hotel room. We have 3 or 4 or 7 or 9 bedrooms villa’s with separate rooms. A living room and dining rooms provide a space to share and space to be yourself, this all adds up to a relaxing holiday.
  • Holiday villas are cheaper considering the space and amenities available, holiday villas offer great value for money.
  • We provide a fully equipped kitchen which is considerably cheaper than eating out. Don’t fancy cooking? At Villa Calangute you have the freedom to order takeaway meals to enjoy at your leisure. The villa’s information books usually list all the local choices. Calangute many great takeaways where you can enjoy local dishes, salads and great value wine in minutes! Alternatively you can ask the housekeeper to help you with cooking for an additional cost.
  • A holiday villa gives you the freedom to make your own choices about flights, car hire and travel insurance. Shop around for the best deals and choose the most convenient flight times. Value, choice and comfort are yours when you stay in a holiday villa.
  • Holiday villas are more private. No scrambling for sun loungers or sharing a pool with others. Enjoy the private pool in complete privacy. Sleep at any time of day or night without being disturbed by other guests passing your hotel door. Enjoy the freedom to do as you please without disturbing anyone else.
  • • Holiday villas will have the conveniences to make your holiday special and relaxing. Villa Calangute’s villas include Satellite TV, air-conditioning, beautiful gardens, private swimming pool (Phase 5 and Phase 10) and internet access. Combine that with housekeeping and linen service and a welcome pack to get you started. Plus the space, freedom and flexibility one can only get in a holiday home.
  • Holiday villas are a very suitable and practical accommodation choice for families, friends, reunions, small parties, small conferences, destination weddings, long term holidays and generally for any group of people who want to stay together during their holidays. A holiday villa can make a great reunion meeting place for family and friends who live in different parts of the world.
  • A holiday villa is perfect for young children as eating out regularly can be difficult and costly with young children. In a holiday villa one has the best of both worlds.
  • Holiday villas are family friendly and young children can play safely. Some villas have baby cots, highchairs, games and many other items for a family friendly holiday in a private villa.